bella's spring dress

It’s official. Dress weather is here in Nebraska. I’m so glad this one fits. My daughter is growing too fast. It’s a size 4 and some of the 4s in her closet will barely make it to June. I found the cutest fall jacket for her this weekend that’s a size 5 and the sleeves are too short. I am not ready to buy size 6 clothes!

Already this year we’ve crossed a few milestones. Bella has been sleeping in a Big Girl Bed for a few months. She no longer looks small in it. Yikes! She’s also swimming like a little fish and has graduated to the Eel level at the Y. She’s doing simple math, and get this, she’s already reading.

I’ve encouraged the swimming lessons, but everything else has been her doing. She insisted on the new bed and refused to sleep in her toddler bed until we bought one. Yep, she slept on the floor until we could get up to the mattress store.

She’s completely in love with letters and numbers. I got her a Leap Frog dvd about the “silent e” because I was having trouble explaining the concept to her. Something just clicked and after a few different dvds, she just started reading. Whole books at a time! Of course, now we have to watch what we leave around so she doesn’t ask, “Mom, what’s a hooker?”

You can find the tutorial for the flower flip flops here. A close up of the Liberty of London dress is here.

bella's spring dress

I have to include a hair shot in this post, because Bella’s going to get her first haircut soon, hopefully this week. It’s never been cut and needs a little shaping. I think this milestone is the most difficult for me. I’m still leaving it long, but it kills me to cut any of these curls.


One Response to first dress of the season (and other milestones)

  1. Mom and Dad says:

    Yay! Not only a blog post, but a picture of Bella!
    Yes, Spring is agreeing with all of us. Her wonderful smile and floral dress just widen our smiles here too! Remember, you can always cut her hair shorter. As you would say Julie, “baby steps.” Maybe just a little at a time. Thanks for the great update!

    M and D