liberty of london target dress

I know it might be shocking to some, but this weekend I actually bought a brand new piece of clothing. Yesterday was Liberty of London’s Target debut. I have to admit that I was a little underwhelmed at the selection. Until I saw this cute dress for my daughter, that is.

liberty of london target dress

I really love this print. I’ve even set it as my desktop wallpaper (click on “pattern your world”). I’m a little disappointed in the fabric, though. In fact, a lot of the items didn’t even seem up to Target’s usual quality. But those flowers are so very pretty. I couldn’t resist.

Did you shop at Liberty of Target this weekend? What did you get?

refashion: After this season, I can easily turn this dress into a skirt for next year, don’t you think?

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8 Responses to once and awhile i buy something new

  1. Marie Grace says:

    You caught me. I let each of the girls pick a dress. Nothing for myself as I have pledged to not buy anything knew…. only thrifts and made for me this year. Maybe I can find some previously loved Liberty somewhere. Or splurge on a bit of fabric. Just a little.

  2. Kelly says:

    I’m with you…a little disappointed, but still managed to find *something* lol The patterns are all right, but nothing really wowed me, like I’d hoped/expected.

    L has a new dress and a new top, plus some amazingly cute Wellies. The fabrics for women’s clothes: bleh. I hadn’t realized they (may) have men’s shirts, so I’m heading back there in the morning to see what’s available.

    After Target the other day, I hit JoAnn’s and got some pretty solid knits to make shrugs for the new clothes….the little Liberty sweaters at Target just didn’t seem worth the price, even though they were amazingly reasonable.

  3. Sarah M says:

    I really like the print of that dress, and even a friend of mine emailed me their debut commercial thinking I would like it….I haven’t been there yet, but I was a few weeks late on the Orla Kiley thing too, :) (but of that which I DID see, was cute).

    Sarah M

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  6. Mom says:

    Hmmm! Sounds like an opportunity is knocking here, Julie.
    Maybe Target needs to know how to improve it’s product.
    A little constructive feedback might be in order?
    You’re amazing and your tote turned out great!

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