about julie kundhi
I’m a graphic designer, writer, political junkie and creative feminist. I look for creativity in everyday life, try to tread lightly on this earth, and work hard at raising a smart and confident daughter.

You can find me on tumblr, instagram, ravelry, and flickr.

about this website
Over the past 10 years, this site has evolved from a simple place for staying in touch with family and friends to a DIY resource for crafters. I tried splitting it into two sites once, and learned it’s not easy separating the creative me and personal me. Here you’ll find a compilation of it all — including my hand-coded pages before WordPress.

where is everything?
In 2013, I created a table of contents for the site. You can search by keyword, browse through the most popular categories, and find tutorials listed by topic. There’s also an archive of the entire site with individual posts organized by year. This eliminated a need for the traditional menu and sidebar widgets, so they’re gone. Content is the main focus now.