lined crochet napkin basket

My first official Finished on Friday post: remember this basket? Back in September I mentioned that it was ready for a lining. Then it sat around for a few months before I decided to just start using it.

Without a lining, though, the sides were getting a little saggy and our napkins were getting a little wooly. Not only that, but every time I sat down at the kitchen table I felt UFO Guilt. (UFO=unfinished object)

lined crochet napkin basket

It didn’t take that long to do: just a little sewing in the afternoon and some hand-stitching in the evening.

stash: I wound up using some leftover upholstery fabric from the rollie pollie.

What did you finish this week? Share in the comments!

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3 Responses to finished: crochet basket lining

  1. Kelly says:


    Do you use fusible interfacing on this kind of project? Does the lining really give enough body to keep it from sagging?

    I (started and) finished a *huge* AB swing bag… sadly, it’s just not my style after all that work! Oh well. I’ve already figured out modifications that may make the next one more “me” — if there is a next one.

  2. Renette says:

    Trying something similar – a crochet laundry basket for the new baby’s room, but attempting to ‘wing it’ and trying it all out miniature in wool first.
    I like yours though!
    Very clever!

  3. amy in ne says:

    I sewed on a button that had fallen off…A MAJOR accomplishment for me. :)