easy square crochet projects

My husband is teaching at a long weekend class, so not much has gotten done or will get done on the crafty front until next week. I’ve picked up two easy crochet UFOs and plan to have them completed by Monday. First one is done!

finished: The wool basket is ready for a lining. I’ve got some dark red canvas that I’m planning to use. It will be a paper napkin basket for our kitchen table (she says as she is currently making cloth napkins for her home ec class).

making progress: I’ve picked up the granny square blanket again. I’ll keep going until I run out of sweater yarn. I think it will make a nice, thick lap blanket. This will probably get the most attention over the weekend.

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5 Responses to easy crochet projects

  1. Okay this is by far my favorite item you have crochet in a while. SO CUTE! Perfect.

  2. Britt says:

    How nifty and I like the tweedy yarn!

  3. […] first official Finished on Friday post: remember this basket? Back in September I mentioned that it was ready for a lining. Then it sat around for a few months […]

  4. Kelly says:

    Do you have a pattern for the basket or a least can you explain how to do the sides?