first crochet beanie

I’ve got too much acrylic yarn. I like to keep a stash on hand for spontaneous amigurumi projects, but it’s gotten out of hand. I was planning to give it away, but it’s been so cold out, I thought maybe I’d do something useful with it.

A few months ago, my friend Lisa asked all of her crafty friends if they would consider making some hats for students at her school who needed warm clothing for winter. I actually started one and then the holidays hit and I completely forgot about it.

As you probably know (unless you’ve been living under a very warm rock), it’s been pretty cold in Nebraska the past week. I’ve been thinking about the kids who usually walk to school. Then I remembered the hat I started.

I was surprised how fast this worked up. (I was also surprised that my daughter agreed to wear it for a photo.) I definitely plan to make a few more of these.

pattern: This is a basic double crochet beanie like this one. I modified it a bit as I went along. My yarn was sport weight, so I double stranded it and used a larger hook. It is thick and warm!

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3 Responses to my first crochet hat

  1. Lisa says:

    That is absolutely too cute! I’m squealing with excitement! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  2. Kate says:

    That is such a great hat! I’m sure some kid will be very excited to wear that to school. It is so hard to imagine you having a cold spell when we, in Australia are in the middle of a heat wave. Almost too hot to crochet…almost.

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