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It has been the bane of my existence since early December. We tried pulling it for Tae Kwon Do testing because it hurt while sparring, but it wasn’t ready. At the dentist later that month it had no root in the X-ray. It would come out “any day” the dentist said.

We made it through many months with minor whining. Just a little pain here and there. Then things got weird. The gum was red and swollen. The tooth looked super crooked. I took her to the dentist again. He assured me the permanent tooth was healthy. He offered to pull it. She freaked. He told me it would come out “any day.”

Weeks later this little tooth was wreaking havoc. The whining. The pain. The refusal to eat. The refusal (again) to spar at TKD. Tears every night when it was time to brush teeth. And the absolute refusal to let me pull it.

Here’s the thing: I’ve pulled quite a few of her teeth, and it has been no big deal. I don’t know why this one was different. “I don’t want the Tooth Fairy to take it.” I told her that was fine. We’d write a note. “It’s going to hurt.” Not as bad as it does right now.

Then the unthinkable happened: it turned blue. I googled and told her I thought it was dead. “How can it be dead? The dentist said it had no root. I don’t want a blue tooth. No. YOU CANNOT PULL IT.”

Two hours of tears today. She barely had any food. She was a mess. She even stayed home from Girl Scouts. (That never happens.) I knew this was it. It had to go. She cuddled with her dad and stuffed dog. I promised just to test it. I couldn’t guarantee it wouldn’t come out. I made that clear. And it did. Effortlessly. YOU WERE JUST GOING TO TEST IT! She ran to the mirror and screamed.

I was so relieved. I didn’t feel bad at all. I waited five months for permission. I did not pull it. It was out. Things were almost immediately better. No more pain. She finished dinner. She had the ice cream I promised. (She should have taken the earlier offers: LEGOs, $100, staying up until 11pm.)

This tooth. It was disgusting. It wasn’t blue. It had stuff in it. Stuff we won’t discuss. Stuff that moms who don’t freak out about respecting their kid’s consent would never see because they would have pulled it long ago.

It is out. The Tooth Fairy is off the hook. In fact, as I write this, she’s enjoying a rather large glass of rosé. Good for her. She earned it.

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The Girl Scout snack badge says to pick a savory or sweet snack from another country and make it for your friends. She picked Germany, and was disappointed that her butter cookies weren’t very sweet. We are debating whether to add icing.

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I’ve been spending a lot of time on Instagram lately. Not everything over there will get posted on the blog, but I would like to re-energize things here a little bit. If you’d like to see all of my photos, you can follow along at instagram.com/jkundhi.

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puppy sweater

This friend is getting the full treatment. After re-stuffing and sewing yet another new nose, my daughter convinced me to make a sweater to cover up the bald spots. I survived eight years before getting a request for “doll” clothes. I guess I can’t complain.

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waiting for her grandparents

They had a late flight. She got to stay up way past her bedtime. One of the coolest things ever for an eight year old. Also, we are still loving this blanket.


christmas jammies

Last year I bought my daughter size medium pajamas from Target. Within a year they were above her ankles. I knew size large would be too big because I measured them in the store. (Yes, that weirdo with the tape measure in the clothing department is me.) However, I don’t have time to make all of her pajamas by hand, so I bought them and hoped for the best.

First problem: the waist kept falling down. I had to run some elastic around to keep them up. Second problem: she was tripping over them. I wound up hemming THREE INCHES. How can the difference between medium and large be that great? They are polyester, so I know last year’s didn’t shrink.

I’m thinking making them by hand might have been easier after all.


christmas jammies

I wish I had more to tell you about these jammies, but I didn’t even follow a tutorial. I used last year’s pajama bottoms as my pattern and just added about an inch to the seam allowance. The only thing I really paid attention to was adding extra length for the rise and the inseam.

christmas jammies

There are quite a few inches in the hem, and I’m hoping that I can let them down next year and she’ll get another season out of them. I may have to re-hem, though, because she tripped over them while dancing in the kitchen.

christmas jammies

The top is just a plain white shirt from Target. She picked the fabric and art directed the tree. I used heat-n-bond to hold it in place while I edge-stitched it down.

I’ve made pj bottoms before and had lots of links to tutorials in my old google rss. When I transferred everything over to feedly, I lost everything. Years worth of linking gone in a flash! If you are looking for specific instructions, here’s what I can remember: Don’t Get Out of Bed Tutorial, How to Make Easy Kids Pants, and Vintage Pillowcase Pants. The last two are more for little kids, and I used the Vintage Pillowcase Pants five years ago. (Five years ago?!?!)

christmas jammies


christmas jammies

We are at a frustrating time where clothes that fit her in the body are way too short and those that are long enough are too big everywhere else. I have a longer story to tell about a fancy red dress and elf pajamas with only boys on them, but the shorter version is last night she asked me if I would make her some Christmas jammies today.

I really winged it. I had to let my perfectionism go. Also, my serger is awesome. Whipped the pants up between lunch and Christmas Eve mass. Appliquéd the tree on the shirt while she was in the shower. I’ll post better pics and links to helpful tutorials soon.

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate!


except this


at least for now


I wonder how much longer the magic will continue.

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setting up the tree

She told her dad she’d need help cutting the top of the tree net open. Just barely, though. Not pictured: how short her pajama bottoms are. Last Christmas they were too long. The next size up is huge around the waist. I foresee some tailoring in my future.

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