We’re about half way through summer and bedtime is whenever we collapse from exhaustion. Sometimes we go to bed still covered in chlorine and sunscreen. The adults have an extra glass of wine, and she somehow convinces us to have dessert every night. (For the record, the three of us could not finish this monstrosity. We put in a good effort, though.)

I can’t believe summer is half over already.

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Seriously. It’s beautiful. Original pic:


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One of the library’s summer reading activities was read to a pet or stuffed animal. She decided to hold a bobble scout meeting. Works for me.

Also, we have too many of these Creativity for Kids kits.

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summer reading log

My daughter’s Tae Kwon Do academy is having a summer reading challenge. She has to track how many minutes she reads a day. I looked around online for a nice, simple reading log, but couldn’t find anything I liked, so I made one. Then I thought: I bet others would like something like this, too!

I created a blank version and you can download it here.

There is space for 12 weeks worth of reading. Fill in the days of the week at the top with the day you start. We started on a Monday. On the left, you can write in the start date of each week to help keep track. Happy summer reading!

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We already have summer-like heat in Nebraska. It seems we’ve skipped Spring and went straight to 90 degrees. I’ve been trying to make sure we do lots of water-related activities, even though that’s not really my thing. My daughter is super happy, though!

This was our first trip to the sprayground at Trago Park. I highly recommend it.
(Also, it’s free!)

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Somehow amid the summer reading, second day of vacation, and preschool storytime chaos at the library this morning, these three managed to carve out their own space for some quiet fun.

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