We did a crazy dessert tonight: Peeps fondue. I know, it’s a school night and all that sugar!

My daughter received this Peeps “cookbook” last year and has been talking about the fondue recipe since then. Yes, for an entire year. It’s Peeps season. How could I say no?

We limited her to two and had big bowls of fruit and angel food cake for dipping, but have no idea how she’s going to sleep tonight. She was so excited all day and evening, helping to prep everything, that it was totally worth it.

For the record, we made Michael Chiarello’s recipe and it was really good. I highly recommend it for a non-school night treat.

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2 Responses to peeps fondue for dessert (yes, we are insane)

  1. chris tamburello says:

    Easter fun!

  2. Gramma Rita says:

    Looks like fun to me! :D