The city library’s book sale was this week (and still going on if you’re local) and I exercised great restraint. I limited myself to two hours and $20 and spent less than that in both time and money. Even more surprising: I didn’t buy anything for myself. Since downsizing my personal collection and getting an e-reader, I’ve been very picky about what I purchase for permanent storage on our shelves. I also happened to be listening to Throw Out Fifty Things on the drive to the sale, specifically the chapter in which a woman had let go of twelve boxes of books in her attempt to declutter her life. (Maybe the universe was trying to speak to me?)

I found a few illustrated German dictionaries to add to my daughter’s collection and a very cool National Geographic Picture Atlas of Our World. Serious stuff aside, I bought some fun things including these Charlie Brown comic books.


I remember spending hours as a kid devouring these over and over. After my daughter became addicted to this Mutts book, I knew she’d enjoy them. She commented that they were a little worn and was sad that someone didn’t take very good care of them. I had to remind her that they were printed the same year as I was born, ahem, and that they had indeed been well cared for over the (cough — many — cough) years.

Add in a few chapter books and a dinosaur drawing book and I had a very happy girl. Watching her read brings such joy to this mama. I hope she never loses her insatiable appetite for the written word.

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One Response to restrained love for old books

  1. Sarah M says:

    I did the same thing. I gave myself a large budget and didn’t even spend half of it. Also, 1.5 hours is the *least* amount of time I’d ever spent there, ever.
    Add that to the score that I actually DID need to buy: a new snowpant + winter jacket for Ani (for $13 at Once Upon a Child) and it was a very good weekend sale weekend!
    I hope she loves those books…here is the internet-link I was talking about with the Usborne books (every book/page has links)

    Sarah M