april showers

You may have heard we had some severe weather in the Midwest last weekend. I love taking pictures of the dramatic clouds, but these storms were different. The sky was cold and gloomy all day, so I grabbed my camera and tried to focus on the rain.

First I tried freezing the raindrops in motion. I sat in the garage for cover, but there wasn’t enough light to get a high enough shutter speed. Then I went on the deck, where I thought there would be more light, but had the same issue.

I decided if Mother Nature wouldn’t work with me, I’d have to work with her. I lowered my shutter speed and focused on showing the raindrops in motion. I managed to capture two droplets and show the water bouncing off of the wood. Even though the day was mainly gray, the trees in the background make it look bright and spring like.

I love this photo so much, I resized it into a desktop background. Feel free to download and share.

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4 Responses to april showers

  1. Dad says:

    Julie, this is a great capture. The out of focus droplets and droplet streaks and splashes against the blurred green background are phenomenal. I have been unsuccessful in trying to photograph rain. This image raises the bar.

    Ti amo.

  2. Nancy Richard says:

    Very nice

  3. Anna says:

    I recently purchased my first real camera. I am still using the booklet that came with it and trying to play. Trying to figure out what the numbers and new words mean. This is incredible. Keep up the good work!

  4. Mom says:

    I think you caught Mother Nature in her relaxed, meditative mood. She knows we all need those days!