When I think about going to the thrift store with my daughter, I’m always reminded of the phrase “the cost of doing business.” The more stores you visit and the longer you stay at each, the higher the cost of thrifting.

Sometimes you can get away with a book or small toy. Other times you come home with an electric guitar. Today we came home with all three. I can’t complain, though. After watching my daughter play with her uncle’s guitar a few months ago, I didn’t think twice when she asked if she could have this:

bella guitar

It’s mostly black and silver with just a hint of pink. It’s not covered in Disney characters or princesses. It doesn’t play Hannah Montana or Justin Bieber. It was only $4. It was, in a word, perfect.

I came home with a cool wooden crochet hook and a set of presser feet that sadly do not fit my sewing machine. I also found some cute dresses for my daughter to wear next summer.

None of that compares to what she scored, though. The guitar, a cat book and plastic Easter eggs = the cost of thrifting.


3 Responses to the cost of thrifting

  1. Mom says:

    And the bonus of a wonderful shopping trip that you will both always remember!

  2. Eunah Lee says:

    I am also enjoying thrifting…
    by the way, I like your guitar! *^^*

  3. Kelly says:

    Girl(s) with Guitars!

    What a fantastic score!