homemade yogurt

We’ve been eating so much yogurt around here lately, that I decided it would be best to just start making it at home. Nothing beats homemade yogurt. It’s got a natural sweetness that I love. It’s even better topped with homemade granola.

recipe: I make mine the same way as Amanda, except for the heating pad. I’ve got a little insulated bowl from my mother-in-law that I just wrap in a towel and put in an unheated oven.

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2 Responses to happiness is homemade yogurt

  1. Cindy says:

    I used to make my own yogurt as a young mom in the mid-70’s. I had an Oster yogurt-maker. Your way sounds super simple.

  2. amy in ne says:

    I have wanted to try making yogurt for a long time now. You have prompted me to give it a try!