After another Snow Day filled with crafting, we’d like to introduce you to Unadilla Bill’s sister, Unadilla Willa. I know many of you probably follow Punxsutawney Phil on Groundhog Day, but my daughter thinks it’s very cool that Nebraska has its own groundhog.

ground hog puppet

Willa logged a few hours of checking for her shadow before I took this photo and she’s holding up pretty well. We had a lot of fun making her, but my one complaint with this and some of the other projects in this book is that you are instructed to use regular school glue.

Elmer’s just doesn’t cut it when gluing fabrics, especially felt. After Willa lost her eyes and ears a few times, I had to get out the hot glue gun. Once all of her parts were secure, Willa went back to predicting Spring for the rest of the afternoon.

ground hog puppet

All in all, I have to say this was a cute, easy and fun project. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and in the 20s. It seems like Willa was correct with her prediction. School will be back in session and our crafting marathon will be over. Phew! It’s been an intense few days!

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