big knitting needles large crochet hook

…judge me by my size, do you?*

I’ve always wanted to try knitting with a set of really big needles.

Do or do not… there is no try.*

Whenever I see them in the craft store I wind up passing them by because I’ve already got too many things on my to-do list.

The other day in the thrift store, when I was buying the black and white sweater, I happened upon this set and a big hook, too. At thrift store prices, I couldn’t pass them up. The needles are US size 35 and the hook is a size Q.

My wrists are starting to feel better. These might be the perfect way to ease back into things. I’m thinking Purl Bee’s Eleventh-Hour Scarf with some Manos del Uruguay from my stash might make a nice weekend project.

What crafty projects do you have planned for the weekend?


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2 Responses to size matters not…

  1. Charity says:

    Good find! Big, bulky knitting is always so satisfying. :o) I’m starting a felt applique baby book for my new nephew, can’t wait to start cutting all those little shapes!

  2. Nancy Kestin says:

    I like to use the big needles to create rugs from recycled worn out clothing and other textiles. In the past I’ve also used multiple strands of yarn leftovers to make soft rugs. Hope you have enough healthy recovery to enjoy using your new tools.