She goes into a tv trance whenever the show airs.

You ask her, “What’s another word that begins with the letter ‘i’?” and she says, “Iguanodon!”

At dinner she says, “Mom’s a vegetarian just like Ned the brontosaurus.”

You hear la-la-loooo and graaaak coming from her room during “quiet” time.

She insists that you help her draw the entire Pteranodon family. (Dad drew the short straw for this request.)

The dinosaur in the middle is Buddy. He’s a T-Rex. Am I the only one who thinks Mrs. Pteranodon has some explaining to do?


One Response to signs your child watches too much dinosaur train

  1. Mom says:

    Bella may be ready for a trip to your wonderful UN museum of natural history.
    Although, I do think Tarun’s drawings are probably cuter. Nice job Dad and Bella!