bella's first haircut

It took some convincing, but Bella finally agreed to let me make an appointment for her first haircut. Thankfully, Miss Shannie has a salon in her home and lives right across the street. She also has a TV for watching PBS Kids and lollipops for afterward.

bella's first haircut

We only cut a little bit off — just evened up the back with the front. Without the extra weight, her super duper curls spring right up! She loves that her curls don’t get tangled anymore. We love that she no longer screams when we brush her hair.

Is it possible that she’s even cuter now?


3 Responses to first haircut!

  1. Lisa says:

    Wow, she looks a lot older! When we first cut Elsa’s hair and put bangs into it, I couldn’t believe the difference. Something about little girls, doesn’t take much to change their look!

  2. Cioci Ingrid says:

    Yes, it’s possible.

  3. Mom and Dad says:

    Great photo! Got to love those curls.
    But the smile is the BEST!