Receiving them!

When I pick up my daughter from preschool I always ask about her day. Did you learn a new song? Did you paint? Color? Draw? Did you sit still for story time? For the past few weeks she’s been telling me about her tree. “Today we painted our tree.” “Today we put ornaments on our tree.” “Today we put sparkles on our tree.”

handmade tree ornament

I honestly thought she was making some kind of giant tree painting the way she described it. Imagine my surprise when she came home with this little tree ornament! It was wrapped in a paper bag (or sack as they say in Nebraska)* decorated with holiday stickers. I waited for my husband to come home so we could open it together. It is the most beautiful ornament on our tree.

handmade tree ornament

*When I called it a paper bag, my daughter said, “NO MOM! Mrs. Tisdale said it’s a SACK!”

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One Response to what’s better than giving handmade gifts?

  1. It’s wonderful isn’t it?! I’m looking at my tree now and it’s covered in decorations my young son has made – this year it’s a hand sewn reindeer! I also keep all of the Christmas cards he makes and put them all up every year :)

    Hope you have a fantasticl Christmas Julie! x