handknit hat and mittens

handknit hat and mittens

handknit hat and mittens

After many attempts, we finally have a set of hat and mittens for the winter season. My daughter loves them, which makes all of the work worth it. I just need to sew name labels in everything for preschool tomorrow and they’ll be ready for action!

project notes: Yarn is Cascade 220, which holds up well after a lot of ripping and re-knitting. Mitten pattern from p2designs.com. No pattern for the hat—I just kind of winged it.

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2 Responses to hat + mittens finished!

  1. Charity says:

    Very nice! You have a very happy recipient, there! :o)

  2. […] Instead, I crocheted a scarf for my daughter. It’s not a Christmas present. It’s just because I was gifted some yarn and it was fuzzy and cute and she needed a scarf that matched her brown hat and mittens. […]