Yesterday we went to John Deere-themed birthday party for a four-year-old boy. My husband asked, “could we just buy a gift? Does everything have to be handmade? Can’t we get something from the store?” I agreed, as long as we didn’t buy him an actual tractor toy. I figured every four-year-old boy must have at least some kind of tractor, right? How would we know what to get? What if someone gets him the same tractor? Let’s get him some books about tractors instead. And maybe some tractor stickers, too. As my husband bought into my reasoning, I was secretly planning a handmade, tractor-themed, re-usable gift bag.

reusable gift bag

I admit I was planning to buy some John Deer fabric to make this. Just before I left the house, I decided to dig through my stash and I found two fat quarters of tractor-green fabric! I think it’s a polyester blend and it feels way more durable than quilting cotton. I figured I could make my own tractor-themed artwork with my new hobby.

tractor embroidery

In the end, my husband and I were both happy with our gift. I hope my daughter’s friend will be, too.

recycle: I bought a big stack of colored cloth napkins at a garage sale awhile ago. I think they were napkins. They kind of feel like the fabric used to make restaurant napkins, except they were every color of the rainbow and only a few matched. Whatever they used to be, they are nice and sturdy. I think they’ll be great for storing all kinds of tractors and trucks.

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5 Responses to handmade gift bag that’s also a gift

  1. Lori says:

    J- This is the best gift ever!! I am in love with it- its just perfect for storing his tractors! I always love your homemade surprises- way better then yet another tractor or toy. Mason enjoyed reading the books last night too. Thanks so much for coming M & M always have such a great time together.

  2. rima aranha says:

    What a great gift! That kid is going to love it!

  3. Charity says:

    This is a fabulous idea! I may use it for a small boy in my own life, who has a deep and abiding love of construction equipment… :o)

  4. Julia Moya says:

    My son adores John Deer everything! I made him a felt pillow a couple of Christmases ago with a John Deer tractor. He loves it, I’d send you a picture, but it is so worn with love, it isn’t as pretty anymore :) I guess that is the goal.

  5. Karin says:

    What a lovely and thoughtful gift. I know my four year old would love that. I bet this one will too!