I don’t know how moms handle serious kid schedules. We hardly ever have anything on our calendar and always seem busy. Maybe it’s because we do a lot of things spur of the moment. I’ll be at knitting group and Lisa will say, “Let’s go to the zoo tomorrow!” I’ll realize we’re almost out of Chloe’s medicine and within an hour we’re on an “animal adventure” at the vet.

bella chloe vet

Today, I was reading my very long to-do list and checking email when I got a message from Lauren. “Want to walk to the park with us this morning?” To-do list? Park? Of course, we went to the park. Afterward, Bella and I went out to lunch. She loves eating at the Super Target coffee shop.

super target lunch

Life is busy and we always seem like we’re on the go. I couldn’t imagine actually having scheduled plans, too. Hmmm… maybe we’d just be less spur of the moment-y. I kind of like it this way, though. I never know what each day is going to bring.


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