There are lots of reasons why this blanket took so long to complete. When I was pregnant, most of the time I was too tired to knit. Plus, my wrists hurt from wearing sea bands to help with the nausea. Then, when M was born, well, you know how it can be with a newborn.

bella's blanket

The blanket got tucked away in the closet for awhile. I had terrible bouts of startitis. My projects were scattered all over the place. I knit a lot of socks. I knit a hat and mittens for M. I knit squares for charity blankets. I knit an afghan for my parents. I discovered sewing.

bella's blanket

Then I found the coolest fabric. It was the perfect colors for the back of the blanket and M loves monkeys—especially Curious George. I ordered it instantly and made a commitment to finishing the blanket. No other knitting would come first.

bella's blanket

It’s much bigger than I had originally planned, but M is a lot bigger now. What was once a baby blanket is now a toddler blanket. Maybe I thought that by not finishing this blanket I could keep M from growing up so fast. I’m glad I got it finished before she went to college. That would have required a lot more yarn.

5 Responses to bella’s blanket. finally!

  1. Christy says:

    It looks amazing! I’m sure she’ll love it forever.

  2. mom and dad says:

    What a treasure! It’s so perfect for her. All the things she loves, especially Mama!

  3. Sarah M says:

    it’s so cute, Julie! I bet it feels great to be done!

  4. Cioci Ingrid says:

    This blanket is spectacular. How did you ever manage the pattern? I’ve been looking at the different blocks and wondering how you got them perfect. Sock monkey is a winner. I sold those socks when I worked at Grants. I think I sold just as many to crafters as I did to workers. Talk about longevity!

  5. Steph says:

    What a great blanket! I love the monkey backing. :) It makes me wish I’d made Gretchen’s blankets a little bit bigger, because she’s already as long (or longer!) then them both! Ah well, they’ll still be good for our next baby.