I’ve been sewing up a storm! Here’s the last of the green bags for March. It comes with a matching zipper pouch, too!


I really like this pattern and will definitely make more in the future. (I designed it myself, but I’m sure I didn’t invent it.) If you are tired of bag blog posts, have no fear. My next bag is a covert custom design, so I won’t be posting the details for awhile. After that, I have another custom bag, and somewhere in between I’m going to be sewing a little Ferrari outfit for Bella. The new season starts this Sunday. We can’t wait! (Lisa, if you watch the 2007 season review video, there are clips of Mika toward the end.)


2 Responses to felted wool messenger bag :: green with button flap

  1. Sarah m says:

    Oh! This one is my favorite so far! (ps–I LOVE the bag posts!)

  2. Lisa says:

    Mmmmmm – Mika!