Do you ever come away from a conversation and hours later think, “I wish I had said that.” I had one of those moments the other night and it won’t stop echoing in my head so I’m just going to post it.

I was talking about blogs with some folks and was caught off guard by some of their comments. “Putting your personal information on the Internet for all to read is just stupid.” “If you want to keep in touch with family, just send an email.” Actually, I think I was more caught off guard by the tone of the words and not the words so much. I hear the words a lot. I never have heard such a tone, though. It was, to me, a little hostile. (I want to emphasize to me because I think I reacted probably more personally than I should have.)

So, the tone made me a little defensive and I started explaining all the reasons why I blog and how it’s easier than email and that I really don’t share that much personal information on the internet (relatively speaking) and blah blah blah. Then I got home and had some time to reflect on the conversation. Here’s what I discovered:

I like writing entries and posting pictures. I like that readers can interact with me and each other in the comments. I like going back and reading entries from a year ago and looking at pictures of our move out to Nebraska. I like to hear that M’s grandparents are watching her videos over and over and over again. (I do that, too!) I like that I am able to stay in touch with family, friends, colleagues from previous jobs, and yes, people I’ve met online that I’ve never met in person.

Then I realized what I should have said, and wished I would have said.

Because I enjoy it.


7 Responses to i like to blog

  1. Christy says:

    I had a friend react this way (probably not so hostile) when I started blogging almost 2 1/2 years ago. Not long ago she jumped on the bandwagon and wishes she would have started blogging sooner. I wonder if she remembers what she said to me back in the day?

  2. Lauren says:

    I’ll be honest… there was a time when I just didn’t get it. A public diary? What was the point? But like so many things, it was a case of what my mom calls “Contempt prior to investigation”. Now that I have friends who blog, and I have spent time reading them, I totally get it! Now, there are people who take it too far- I wish I didn’t, for example, know how many sexual partners my brother’s girlfriend has had from reading her blog. But for most people, it’s awesome!

  3. Joanne says:

    I like blogging also! I think of it as a journal when I blog and I try to make it interesting and grammatically correct, and so on, and because it is public I try not to say anything that would be really offensive! But I still want to capture something of MY everyday life so I can re-read it at a later time. I know it is quite boring to most other people, but that is OK. They don’t HAVE to read it, but they MAY if they choose to.

  4. Cioci says:

    Uncle Roger and I look forward to reading your blog. It is our way of keeping in touch with you, Tarun, Mirabella, and Chloe.
    We understand that this is a journal of your life with your family and friends and we enjoy taking a look at all that you have accomplished.
    Thank you for the privilege.

  5. Teresa says:

    i LOVE your blog, wooly! we love keeping up to date with you and T and M. we loved following your pregnancy and the arrival of Mirabella. it is ALL good! today the code word i had to type in to post a comment to you was “BABY”. i think that is a sign that this blog was meant to be!



  6. mom and dad says:

    We love that you love to blog.
    Wouldn’t know how to start or end our day without checking in.
    You are such an excellent writer.
    After I read your entry about the friend who didn’t like blogs (and that’s ok),
    I thought how great it would have been if your Grandfather C would have blogged his entry into the US and travels after he got here. How interesting Tarun’s parents’ experiences from India would be for generations to enjoy.
    Can you imagine Bella reading about the trip out West and following her infancy? Ahhh! Technology.
    Thanks, too, for introducing us to the Mac, iChat and sending video clips.
    Mom and Dad

  7. Mary Kay says:

    I love reading your blog and I’m really impressed with your ability to express yourself. It’s often said be careful what you say, your words may come back to haunt you. I’m thinking that the unknowing person (and perhaps envious) who made the comment may soon be blogging too!
    Keep it up Julie, I love it. Love to all, Mary Kay