Why do we call them hamburgers when they are made out of beef, not ham? Oh, that’s why. One of the things I’ve been really craving in my beefless state is a hamburger. T and I have planned a few times for me to try beef on a Friday night. That way, if it doesn’t sit well with M, I won’t be home alone all day with a screaming baby. Friday nights come and go and I never seem to have one. I guess once I’m faced with the reality that I can try some beef, I get cold feet. Do I really want this? Is it worth the risk? And what if M is fine? Will I feel silly for eliminating beef from my diet for the past few months? Then I hear the little volcanic sounds her tummy makes in my head and just can’t do it. So, last night I made some turkey burgers.

I’ve never been a fan of turkey burgers, but desperate times call for desperate measures. I used my mom’s burger recipe. (I think it is hers. If not, I have a made up childhood memory of making burgers this way.)

• ground turkey (not ground turkey breast)
• ketchup
• mustard
• dried minced onion
• garlic powder
• worcestershire sauce
• salt and pepper

I think the worcestershire sauce was the key to making these taste like regular burgers. Even T said it was hard to tell they were turkey. We grilled them on our indoor grill, and our house smelled a little like a BBQ when we were finished, but it was worth it! We even had fresh slices of ripe tomatoes and a side of fries. I can’t wait to have the leftovers tonight!


4 Responses to fauxburgers

  1. Teresa says:

    wooly! your mom’s recipe sounds great! the recipe is definitely blog worthy so can we get some amounts?? i also highly recommend mccormick (yes, mccormicks, hon’!) grill mates for hamburger spice mixed into ground turkey! delicious!

    you are an amazing and loving mom to do all you have done for bella! i admire you so much!



  2. Mom says:

    Yes, I still use this recipe. It’s just a shake of this and of that. No special amounts. You can use what you like, or omit what you don’t care for.
    Sometimes I use A1 Steak Sauce (regular or Spicy) instead of the Worcestershire. We then like to put pickle relish on the burger when it’s finished. I guess it’s been so long, I don’t miss the beef. We haven’t had “beefburgers” in many years. I do use the ground turkey breast though, and yes, it’s still a little dry! Great memory, Julie! Glad you are enjoying!

  3. Christy says:

    We almost exclusively use turkey for our burgers here. I like how there isn’t a pile of grease in the pan when they are cooking.

    Maybe I shouldn’t mention that I had the biggest hamburger ever last night at Fuddruckers?

  4. Barbara McCall says:

    Fox burgers?