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These crazy jeans. They were my first skinny pair (I’m a late adopter). I only bought them because they were super cheap and looked good on. I didn’t mind the distressed look, and I knew having cute, tiny holes near the knees was a bad idea.

I should have reinforced them right away. I should have reinforced them when I added darts when I lost a few pounds (and the holes had gotten bigger). But I didn’t, and now I have these jeans that still fit well with two huge holes in them. You all know how hard it is to find a good fitting pair of jeans, so you’ll understand why I pulled out my sewing machine today.

The holes weren’t really that difficult to fix, or too time consuming. I wish I hadn’t waited so long. Here is an easy how-to so you don’t have to hear over and over from your child, “Mom, when are you going to mend those holes?”

holey jeans
seam ripper
fabric scraps
sewing machine

Step 1
Using your trusty seam ripper, open up the non-topsitched seam a few inches above and below the hole. You’ll need it big enough to fit over the arm of your sewing machine. While you’re cleaning up all those ripped thread bits, go ahead and trim the threads around the hole, too.

Step 2
Rummage through your stash of fabric scraps for something cute. Keep switching out options until you find something you like. I really loved the red flowers, but went for something more subtle in the end. Also, my fabric was thin, so I doubled it up to make it a little more sturdy.

Step 3
Pin your fabric under the hole and start stitching to tack it down. I did a few rows back and forth all around because it’s the knee and will be under extra stress.

Step 4
Turn the leg inside out and close up the hole in the side seam. Turn it right side out and try on your fancy fixed jeans!

Optional Step
If you have a serger, use it to overlock your inside seam so it doesn’t fray and drive you nuts. You could zig zag over the edges with your sewing machine if you don’t have a serger.

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