I first learned about Joss Whedon as the creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Yes, I was a devoted fan. That was back before the Twilight series made it socially acceptable for adults to enjoy vampire stories about teens. People would always ask me, “Why on earth would you watch a show for kids?” My answer was simple:

The writing.

Whedon has a passion for words that permeates his work. In the video above, he regards them the same as a sommelier would a fine wine, a knitter would Koigu KPPPM or a quilter would Liberty of London prints. It’s actually a little intoxicating.

If you’re not familiar with his work, take 15 minutes to watch him speak about why he doesn’t like the word “feminist.” He deconstructs the sounds, he analyzes the meaning, he compares it to burnt bread — all the while being thoughtful and funny. He even goes so far as to propose a new word that he feels we’re missing in the discussion about equality.

If you love learning about people’s creative processes, you’ll definitely enjoy watching Whedon “work his words.”

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One Response to why I adore joss whedon and his passion for words

  1. Cindy Cooksey says:

    I discovered Joss Whedon from the Firefly series. He thinks in such a unique way. Thanks for the video.