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I love my coffee and green tea. I would drink them all day long if I could. I love the focus they give me while I work. However, it never occurred to me that caffeine could interfere with my creativity. (I know it interferes with my sleep!)

The New Yorker and the Atlantic have different takes on a recent review of caffeine studies. Matt Rodbard at the Food Republic does a good job summarizing the two stories:

…coffee provides creative types more confidence. It also allows them to focus on tasks for hours on end. On the flip side, prolonged concentration doesn’t allow the mind of wander and relax. Also, sleep helps recharge the creative batteries.

If you have the time, both original articles are worth a read. How Caffeine Can Cramp The Creative Mind and Caffeine: For the More Creative Mind.

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One Response to caffeine and creativity

  1. Tana says:

    This is why we have knitting and caffeine. Knitting provides time for the mind to wander and relax. :)