It seems fitting that I started writing this right before vacation and finished just after coming home. A few days before we left I went on a roasting frenzy to cook up all the remaining veggies in the fridge. I served them with everything — warm and cold. Potatoes with eggs for breakfast: check. Turnips and beets with dinner: check. Zucchini on toast for a snack: check.

When we got home, I had a lot of veggies that my friend had dropped off while we were gone and I did the same thing. It seems a little crazy to have the oven on for so long in summertime, but it’s so worth it! I have a fridge filled with antipasto ingredients that are sweet and delicious.

Some tips:
Roast on a cloudy day, early in the morning or after the sun goes down so your kitchen doesn’t become a sauna.

Use more than one roasting pan and combine veggies with similar cooking times. I don’t even wash pans in between.

Limit your ingredients and roast at a high temperature to get everything nice and carmelized. A little oil, salt and garlic go a long way.

Experiment with herbs! Roasted potatoes with thyme are my favorite.

Pictured above: beets, turnips, green onions :: red potatoes :: yellow squash

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    Hope you had a great time on vacation!!