My husband keeps teasing me about all of the jars in our fridge. I’ll admit, I have quite a collection, but I’m not a fan of plain water. Here are some fun drinks I’ve been playing around with since it got warm outside.

cold-brewed tea: You’ll find at least one jar of tea concentrate in my fridge at all times. Lately it’s been green and I’ve been adding it to my morning smoothies. I also make regular, decaf and passion teas. Just add four bags to a jar and let it steep for 12-24 hours. I dilute it with water in my glass, but the green goes in my smoothies at full strength. GOOD MORNING!

iced coffee: Cold brewed toddy or just leftovers from a morning latte. I’ve been trying to create my own frappuccino at home for an afternoon pick-me-up. I’ve come close, but it’s still missing something. (Probably sugar!)

fruit infused water:
This is something new for me. So far I’ve tried cucumber and strawberry (not together) and my daughter and I love them. They are a great alternative to flavored waters, which can have just as much sugar as soda. I fill these up at night and use the fruit in my morning smoothies. We drink the water during the day.

homemade lemonade: My husband makes this from scratch with lemon juice and sugar. My daughter is usually the only one who drinks it, so he just makes a jar’s worth instead of a whole pitcher. It usually winds up getting frozen in popsicle molds.

So, that’s not too many jars, is it? How do you stay hydrated during the summer months? Do you have a stash of jars or are you more of a pitcher person?

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