Bring on the spinach, curly kale* and leaf lettuce mix!

After much debate on whether or not to get a juicer, I decided to opt for the NutriBullet. I know it’s technically not a juicer, but it does an amazing job and there’s no leftover pulp. So far, I’m in love.

Now I’m even more excited for the CSA season to begin. Hopefully, the freak snow this week did’t hurt the veggies.

*the flat leaf kale will most likely be baked into chips for my daughter. I’m ok with that.

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2 Responses to ok, csa. we’re ready for you.

  1. Cindy says:

    What a coincidence! I just saw an info-mercial for that juicer this morning, while I was at the gym. I’m glad to hear that you like it.

  2. chris tamburello says:

    Finally decided to give it a try. Kale, apricot, plum, tomato,broccoli, all things I had on hand. Was easy and I’ll look for new recipes tomorrow. Fun, easy to use. Thanks for the recommendation, Julie! Dad and I shared a drink. Not too bad!