bridging to brownies

Twist me, turn me, and show me the elf. I looked in the water and saw MYSELF!

bridging to brownies

This week my Daisy scout bridged to Brownies. We are lucky to have such a beautiful park with this fantastic bridge to make the ceremony extra fun.

bridging to brownies

The girls filled our little corner of the park with laughter and squeals of excitement. They’re all pretty awesome.

This Moment is a Friday ritual inspired by Amanda Soule.

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2 Responses to this moment: bridging to brownies

  1. chris tamburello says:

    Congratulations, Mirabella! What a happy day! How nice to have a real Bridge for your ceremony.
    Enjoy being a Brownie.

    Grandmommy ad Granddaddy

  2. chris tamburello says:

    Third generation Brownie!