One of the most accurate signs of Spring are dandelions. You can have a few warm days or an itchy nose from tree pollen, but Spring hasn’t truly arrived until the dandelions come up. Most adults consider them a scourge on their lush, perfectly manicured lawn, but not me. I actually think they’re quite beautiful, and how can you not when…

…watching children run around all smiles and giggles picking giant bouquets of them.
…discovering them thriving in the harshest of environments, like cracks in the pavement.
…seeing a group of kids in the store all wearing them on their heads in the shape of a crown.
…knowing that you can pick them, mow them, and poison them, yet they still survive.

Dandelions are little puff balls of sunshine that turn into magical featherlight wisps perfect for blowing in the wind. They are tenacious survivors. They take whatever we give them and continue to bloom in spite of us. They are strong with their roots fiercely attached to this earth, while their seeds blow high and far away, searching for new places to live.

I know I’ll never convince anyone not to yank them out of their yard, my husband included. However, the next time you see a lone dandelion growing out of some impossible place or a field of them by the side of the road, take a moment to admire their unique beauty.

Or not. They don’t really care. They’ll keep on growing no matter what you think.

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One Response to the beauty in imperfection

  1. Gramma Rita says:

    You are not the only one who enjoys dandelions. I do, too! :)