So, I took a little break from the blog. Then I got out of the habit of blogging. Once I realized how long it had been, we had a national tragedy. Then I felt blogging about yarn and fabric seemed so insignificant. Finally, I realized that the earth is still turning and sooner or later you run out of excuses and you just need to start writing.

The easiest way to start back up for me was a moment from this week. My daughter has been working on a project with her mentor about Helen Keller, Anne Sullivan and Louis Braille for the past few weeks. Yesterday she got to present it to her class during share time. I just happened to be finishing volunteering and stayed in the back of the classroom to watch. She didn’t know I was there taking pics and a few snippets of video.

I am so darn proud of this girl. The first time she presented to her class, she was so nervous. It took a few days of us, her mentor and her teacher convincing her she could do it. (Ok, so an ice cream reward may have really cinched the deal.) Yesterday was the first time I got to see her in person, and although I could tell the nerves were still there, overall she sounded so confident! And her classmates seemed really interested in her topic, too. I am so grateful for the amazing educators in our lives. They do really good work.

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One Response to this moment + a blog reboot

  1. Denise Reed says:

    Thank you for this refreshing blog, no truer words have been written to put things in their proper perspective. Sure we have tragic situations occurring in the world everyday, but I choose to believe that there is more than double the amount of good going on at the same time. This snippet of your daughter’s presentation, is one of those great moments. Thanks again, and welcome back.