What is it about Noro yarn? The colors are so intense. They make any project look exceptionally beautiful.


I was casually browsing the library shelves when I found this book. The pictures are gorgeous. The colors are amazing.


I don’t think I’ll be being buying this for my collection. There aren’t even any patterns that I’m dying to make.


But for the entire time it was checked out, I stared at these pages. I stared at the beautiful photography. I got inspired.


After I finish the Honey Cowl, I just might dig out some Noro from my stash and make something amazing.

You can look inside the Noro Crochet on amazon.

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One Response to noro eye candy

  1. Cindy says:

    The photos are dazzling, wow! I will look for the book, but with it or without it I’m inspired.