At my daughter’s school, when a student loses a tooth, they’re sent to the nurse for a little treasure chest. She has wanted one of these for over a year. It’s all she talks about when she has a wiggly tooth and she’s so disappointed when it falls out at night, on the weekend, on vacation.

Last Friday that all changed.

I was walking toward the gym to collect the kids for Cupcake Decorating and saw her down the hall looking at me, jumping up and down, and pointing to the big whole in her mouth. She was so excited.

When we got home, she pulled out the elusive treasure chest and I may have said something terrible like, “That’s it?” Don’t get me wrong. I think it’s great that kids who lose their tooth in school get a little box for it. It’s better than wrapping it up in a paper towel, right? But not only did it not live up to all of her hype, it didn’t even stay closed. It kept popping open and propelling her tooth into the air!

Although I was unimpressed, she was ecstatic. For her, I think it was more a right of passage than anything else. It was an opportunity to leave class and get something special — a few moments in the spotlight.

I really am happy for her. I just wish the darn thing would stay shut.

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