february sunrise

Before I become known as the sunrise blogger, I just have to say that I can’t ignore the beautiful mornings we’ve had lately. It’s as if the sky is calling me outside into the cold morning saying, “Document my beauty!” How can I argue with the sky? I varied things up a bit by taking a portrait photo instead of landscape. (I think I prefer landscape.)

These moments occur so fast. The sun has to hit the clouds just right. A few minutes before is just a dusky blue; a few minutes after is just another blue sky. Right in between is where you see the magic.

I’ve missed the magic more than once. All it takes is a few minutes to grab a coat and find my slippers or help my daughter pick out her clothes for the day. You have to admire the patience of nature photographers. They have so much time invested in that one perfect shot, especially in far out remote locations. It makes me grateful for the brief moments I capture on my front porch.

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