owls in the snow

I love getting email with this in the subject line: “Your daughter has new artwork!”

Not all of the art projects from school come home right away. They are saved and put together in a book that the children bring home on the last day of school. In the meantime, parents get emails of the artwork so they can see what the children have been creating.

I love these little owls. The description that came with this painting said: “Students made these Snowy Owls by using different painting and printmaking techniques. Can you see how we used pieces of cardboard to print the branches in our trees? Or the way we used the “wrong end” of a paintbrush to create the falling snow? How about our thumbprints that became the owls sitting in the trees?”

My daughter is a big fan of Ed Emberly’s thumbprint book series. (amazon link) I’m guessing she loved this project.

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2 Responses to your daughter has new artwork

  1. Erica Arehart says:

    That looks like one that needs to go in a frame when it finally gets sent home!

  2. Grandmommy and Granddaddy says:

    Absolutely agree! (After a copy for us, of course.)