A friend sent me a photo of her daughter’s dress and asked the best way to fix it. She was either going to finish it on the machine or add ric rac to cover the frayed ends.

I told her to bring it over. There were a few dropped stitches that I fixed with a crochet hook. Then I hand-sewed the rest with matching thread and duplicate stitches.

It’s not perfect, but I have to admit that I was kind of impressed with my own work.

Does anyone else get this excited over mending? Please tell me I’m not the only one!

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3 Responses to sweet mending satisfaction

  1. Sarah M says:

    I love mending, because I feel satisfied that we aren’t throwing it away because of a little hole…however, I have the worst time with blowout knees on kids’ jeans…any tips?
    Sarah M

  2. Lisa says:

    I demanded that my nephew immediately turn over a sweater that had several areas with dropped stitches. I immediately fixed it a d forbade him from knowingly wearing something with that type of problem again without fixing it first.

    Sarah, I either patch the knee with a cool patch or use funky fabric on the underside so it looks intentional.

  3. yarnydays says:

    I am so impressed! So professional!