satin stitch repair to monogram

What is it about hanging threads that we just can’t leave alone? It never ends up good, especially with decorative stitches. One quick pull and half a letter is gone in an instant.

I’m not a big fan of satin stitch. It requires a precision that I just don’t have in me these days. I actually considered fixing this with thread. The thought was so mentally painful that I put it off for months. Then one day I thought to try embroidery floss. Brilliant! Once finished, I can hardly tell the difference. Not the neatest job, but it looks great from across the room.

I once saw a woman doing satin stitch embroidery on a windy day at the park. That’s dedication. Her work was beautiful.

Anyone else out there have a talent for tiny perfect stitches?

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2 Responses to satin stitch repair

  1. Cindy says:

    I was having a similar problem with button holes. They kept turning out imperfect, and I thought it was me. Then it turned out my sewing machine just needed realignment. So I understand your frustration with the satin stitch. You came up with a great solution, though!

  2. yarnydays says:

    I used to embroider as a child…a lot. I miss it. Nothing like it. I wish I did more of it as an adult…but as you said, needs a lot of patience and dedication.