Every year I try to write down some thoughts about September 11th. These entries used to go on my personal blog, but since I’ve merged that one back into my creative blog, my thoughts will go here. If you visit my space for crafty inspiration and don’t feel comfortable reading about this topic, check out some pretty pictures here. My next post will be about pickles, so there’s that.

Beautiful, bright, blue September skies. You know what I’m talking about. You can see them in your head. I don’t need to post a picture of them. These skies make me feel good inside. Joyful. Hopeful. In awe of Mother Nature and Science and God all wrapped up together.

They also make me think of terrorist attacks. I really hate that.

I suppose there’s some excuse that can be made for September skies. We should look for beauty and love even in the midst of sadness and horror. They lift up our hearts when we’re feeling our lowest. Maybe they’re supposed to give us peace when we need it most. I don’t know. All I know is that they make me remember.

Never Forget.

It’s the most overused tagline of the last decade. I find it demanding and bossy. How dare you tell me with your poorly photoshopped bald eagle, American flag and Twin Towers graphic to never forget. Who do you think you are?

I know you have good intentions. You don’t want me to forget the innocent lives lost on that day, the heroes who did so much good that day, the men and women who fight and die for our freedom every day. I get that, but here’s the thing: forgetting isn’t something you have to worry about. I couldn’t even if I tried.

Actually, I was going to try and forget today. I was going to skip this blog post. I was going to avoid television and radio and newspapers and social media, but as soon as I walked outside: BAM. There was that sky.

When I dropped my daughter off at school, she asked why the flag wasn’t all the way up. I looked at her and felt such envy. I know that she will learn about that day and will eventually see videos and images that will break her heart. But she will have one thing that isn’t clouded by the memories of September 11th.

She will always be able to look up at a beautiful, bright, blue September sky and feel good inside with joy and hope and awe for Mother Nature and Science and God all wrapped up together — untainted and pure.

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One Response to september skies

  1. Nancy says:

    This post describes subconscious thoughts I could not express. Thank you for sharing it.