strategic air command

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this week I:

crocheted a gift card sleeve — It was a nice project to use up leftover sock yarn.

watched the most amazing fireworks — from my front lawn. My neighbors put on a pretty awesome show.

took lots of photos of fireworks — I’ve given up trying to capture the perfect nighttime explosion, so this year I focused on what happens on the ground.

spent hours sorting — legos, cars, beads, books, tinker toys, stuffed animals, etc. and put them back where they belong. The next day my daughter took them all out again.

took lots of photos of planes — visited the Strategic Air and Space Museum. I couldn’t fit an entire B-52 Bomber in my viewfinder, so I focused on details: wings, cockpits, engines, propellers.

made pesto — with kale, beet greens and italian parsley. It was awesome.

read I Remember Nothing — by Nora Ephron. Next up is I Feel Bad About My Neck. I love library e-books.

What have you been up to this week?

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