baby quilt fabric

My friend Lauren used fabric to cover shelves and make embroidery hoop swatches for her baby girl’s nursery. We were chatting about what to do with the leftover fabric and I suggested a baby quilt. Let me tell you, when I saw all of this cute fabric, I was so happy when she said yes. These prints are so sweet!

I can’t make my standard Easy Baby Quilt, but still want a design that’s simple. Maybe an Easy Baby Quilt Level 2? We’ll see.

knitted sweater update: It’s finished and adorable, but not yet delivered.

kombucha update: OhMyGoodnessThisTeaTastesSoGood!


One Response to fabric for a baby quilt

  1. Lauren says:

    No, I’m so happy YOU said yes! A quilt would never even have occurred to me– given that I can’t sew ANYTHING, that just sounds like too much work to ask of anyone. I was thinking a little pillow at most (to a non-sewer, that sounds like much less of a commitment). But I love so many of the fabrics, and I’m SO excited to see what you come up with! Thank you!!