gift card wallet

Here’s the little gift card wallet I came up with after sewing this. It fits all of my requirements: small, thin, definitely ok to give to a guy.

gift card wallet

I played around with interfacing and decided that it worked best backing up the outside fabric. I tried it on the inside pockets, but it was too hard to sew through. I also tried it without, but the wallet was too floppy.

gift card wallet

I also abandoned the fastener. As long as I pressed the finished piece really well, it stayed closed on its own. I’m sure that’s because of the stiff interfacing I used.

It’s my hope that these little wallets aren’t just for giving the gift card. They would be great to hold a drivers license or credit card, maybe even a school ID or business cards.

I’m also thinking of working up a knit or crochet version. It might be a great project for using up leftover sock yarn!


2 Responses to gift card wallet

  1. Nancy Richard says:

    Very nice.

  2. Caroline says:

    Hi, Juli, Nice job! Just got my Bend the Rules book from Amazon yesterday. Yay! Thanks for sharing. Hope I can get my sewing mojo back, also — and soon!