coffee filter easter basket

My daughter brought an Easter craft book home from the library in February. I figured it was too early to write about the basket we made, so I waited until closer to Easter. Whoops! Better late than never, right?

coffee filter easter basket

I have to say that I was impressed with how this project turned out. It’s a pretty sturdy little basket. I no longer have the book, so here is what I remember about the details.

  • She colored the coffee filters with washable marker.
  • Turned them upside down on a yogurt tub and painted on a mixture of white glue and water, which made the marker colors bleed into each other.
  • We tied a ribbon around the basket to give it shape and let it dry. I was worried it would stick to the yogurt tub, but it came off easily.
  • I hot glued the handle, which is two twisted pipe cleaners.
  • She cut some grass from construction paper.

The book was All New Crafts For Easter, and I have to say that we are officially fans of Kathy Ross. It’s hard to remember all of the projects we’ve made from her books, but here are a two: heart-shaped Christmas card box and reindeer puppet.

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