granny scarf

Too many of my projects are in progress. I really needed to finish something, so I did what any crazy crafter would do. I started something new.

Last week I grabbed some scrap yarn from my bin of miscellaneous ends and started making squares. I used up almost every bit of these colors with about one yard of white and a few inches of pink left over.

I don’t know what I’m going to do with a kid-sized scarf at the beginning of spring. It was 80 degrees today! My daughter tried it on, but hasn’t asked for it. Maybe I’ll tuck it away and see if she changes her mind in the Fall.

pattern: the motif is from Red Heart’s Copenhagen pillow designed by Yvonne Eijkenduijn of Yvestown. I added an extra round to make the squares bigger — basically repeating round three with a chain between the double crochet clusters.

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6 Responses to granny square scarf from yarn scraps

  1. Virginia Rowan says:

    pretty colors together

  2. Cindy says:

    It’ll be darling when it’s finished. You are a crafter after my own heart, with multiple unfinished projects! My current ufp’s are one baby quilt, a prayer flag, and too many socks to mention.

  3. Kelly says:

    You always make the most beautiful scarves, this one’s no exception!

    I hear you on the “why not start another project” issue…keeps life interesting at least!


  4. emily nash says:

    pretty, i love granny squares. make a matching hat…

  5. Hi Julie! You are very talented – these are beautiful! I would LOVE if you would link something up to my new fiber arts link party! I’ve used your crochet ball pattern before and it was great!

  6. Merry says:

    Hahaha! Julie, that is exactly right – every craft-crazy person does this. I have so many projects waiting for their finishing touches right now, I’m actually too embarrassed to say how many. Instead of weaving in ends or finishing that spontaneously started scarf or bedspread that’s been waiting for its border for like, 3 years (!!), I spent all last week starting new projects. Maybe it’s this very freedom to do as we please, when we please, that keeps us crafting away.