cowl from unraveled sweater

Yesterday I started unraveling this sweater. When I detached the neck, I thought, “This would make a beautiful cowl.” I slipped it around my neck. Lovely. I doubled it up. Toasty.

cowl from unraveled sweater

It’s the fastest cowl I’ve ever made. In fact, it kind of looks like the Burberry-inspired cowl by The Garter Girl, which just happened to be on my to-knit list.

Sorry for the mobile phone pics. It’s been a busy week.

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5 Responses to instant cowl

  1. petit-♥-ange says:

    Wow – that looks great, a doubly great find – cowl & wool!

  2. Julie Stewart says:

    What a lucky girl you are! That worked out awesome for you! Its beautiful! :)

  3. Kelly says:

    Fantastic cowl!! It looks great – can’t wait to see the shrug, too. Amazing what you get for .99c!!


  4. Yarny Days says:

    What a cool idea :) The best I have seen so far…