It seems I have some crafty catching up to do. Remember when I told you I was making glycerin soap? It turned out awesome.

glycerin soap

I made two different kinds. Here are my notes:

  • Used almost two 2-lb clear glycerin soap bricks to make five batches. (Purchased at the craft store with 40% off coupons.)
  • Used the soap mold with a circle, hexagon, square and rectangle (item M154).
  • Eleven melted cubes of soap filled the molds perfectly.
  • Grated peel from one lemon made three batches.
  • Each batch of peppermint used 1/8 t peppermint extract, 1/8 t red food coloring and one crushed candy cane.

glycerin soap

I used Martha Stewart’s directions, but stopped coating the molds with cooking spray after the first batch. It gave the soap surface a weird texture. I put them in the freezer for about 20 minutes after they set and the soaps popped out easily.

Final thoughts:

Next time I might skip the soap molds. I thought they’d make nicer looking gifts, but I made a bar using a juice box container and like how that one turned out the best. I don’t have a picture of that one because my daughter started using it immediately.

I didn’t realize that glycerin soap attracts the moisture in the air, causing it to “sweat.” It really needs to be stored in plastic wrap to keep it dry and fresh. Having lived without plastic wrap in our pantry for a few years, it pained my to buy a roll just for soaps. Also, I’m not sure how practical those cute clear boxes in the Martha Stewart video would be, especially in humid climates. They are pretty, though.

Other soaps I want to try: Crockpot Coffee Kitchen Soap and DIY Hand Soap.

Have you made soap? Share your experiences in the comments! I’d love some more links for my pinterest board.

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5 Responses to handmade soap: the results and some notes

  1. Elaine says:

    Love this recipe for hand made soap, am passing it on to a friend.

  2. Yarny Days says:

    How cool! Thanks for sharing your soap-making thoughts…

  3. Emma says:

    I love the idea of using lemon peel! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Diamond says:

    I love the pictures!!

  5. Mom says:

    Move over Lush & Co.!