autumn leaves

There’s a tree in my neighborhood that’s starting to change colors. Slowly, branch by branch, its leaves are turning red. Most of the tree is still a brilliant, summery green, but you can tell change is slowly coming. My website feels a little bit like this tree today.

Over the weekend I merged with this site. I’m guessing most of you wouldn’t have even noticed if the rss feed hadn’t sent out one of my posts from a few weeks ago. (Seems feedburner is easily confused by change.)

Like the big green tree outside my window, most of the site remains unchanged. However, there are a few exciting things to note:

  • There’s finally a navigation bar at the top!
  • Tutorials have their very own page (with photos to come soon)!
  • Images are bigger! Tutorial photos are easier to see!

You may notice little changes in the coming months. I’ll let you know if I add anything terribly exciting. Right now, I’m just happy to have a little more elbow room to organize my creative thoughts.

Are the leaves starting to change in your part of the world? Real or metaphorical, share in the comments!

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One Response to change is in the air

  1. Lisa Hatch says:

    Love the new format! And I am loving all your photos – beautiful work!