semi-homemade birthday cupcakes

When my daughter turned three, I started a little mother-daughter birthday cake tradition: she gets to choose the cake mix, icing and decorations, then we make the cake together. This year she wanted cupcakes and chose Trader Joe’s cake mix and frosting, along with rainbow sprinkles.

A lot of people seemed surprised that I used a cake mix. They just assumed I make everything from scratch. Not so! Although, I hear it’s pretty simple. Maybe next year we’ll give it a try.

I’m delighted that my daughter is still interested in mother-daughter cakes, even after seeing some of the amazing store bought cakes her friends have. I hope our tradition lasts for many years.

Do you bake with your kids?

semi-homemade: last year’s dinosaur cake

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5 Responses to our birthday cake tradition continues

  1. Kelly says:

    Happy Birthday Bella!! Love your tradition — the cupcakes are adorable!!


  2. Sarah M says:

    very sweet tradition, my guess is she will want to do it for a long time ;)

  3. Lori says:

    All the time! Mason loves to help bake & cook. But sadly I usually bake when the little one is aslleep so Alex hasn’t gotten into it yet. I have always made my kid’s cakes and cupcakes, but now that I have a schoolager it might get more difficult to fend off the amazing bakery cakes full if superhero trinkets!

  4. yarnydays says:

    I love your tradition, and I am sure she will keep it up. I do bake for my daughter–right now, we are in muffin mode. She loves muffins.

  5. Siri says:

    Belated happy birthday! And what a lovely tradition. : )
    I’m always surprised to hear that people don’t bake cakes or muffins from scratch. I grew up in Sweden and maybe it’s a Swedish thing but I’ve just never understood how mixing egg, sugar, flour, vanilla/cacao/lemon/etc, baking powder and butter is any more difficult than using a cake mix. When I was little, maybe 7 or 8 and up, my mum used to write out simplified recipes (with lots of little drawings of for example measuring cups on them, or an apple + peeler + apple slices for “peel and slice an apple”) so my sister and I could bake (almost) by ourselves. It was so great to be able to show off the final product and say that I made it, thanks for reminding me of that. : )