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I find this time of year difficult. I love Autumn. I can’t wait for bright red and yellow leaves, crisp breezes, wool scarves and pumpkin soup. I have to stop and remind myself that the last few weeks of summer are also wonderful:

  • warm, sunny days without the oppressive heat
  • cool evenings with chirping crickets
  • long daylight hours, which are slowly getting shorter!
  • a three-day weekend with “daddy home!”

I’m noticing the soft grass between my toes, the lush green trees on the horizon and the brilliantly colored flowers that are still in bloom. I’m trying not to wish it all away in anticipation of the next season. It will be here soon enough.

I made a desktop background with my little mantra as a daily reminder. You are welcome to download it here.

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3 Responses to savoring the last days of summer

  1. amy in ne says:

    I too love the colors of fall but I dread the cold that is coming. Good reminder to enjoy what is before me and not spoil it by fretting about the future. Thanks!

  2. Cindy says:

    Thanks for the fresh new desktop photo. And the good words to live by…

  3. Lisa Hatch says:

    How I wish I was counting down the last days of summer – but we still have 2 months of hurricane season left! Enjoy your winding-down summer and your soon-to-come coolness!